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Woodbrige Post Game Show~Week 9

Legacy Texas-Wylie Players of the Week


Offense: Andrew Nwachukwu and Steven Sellers


Defense: Taylor Green, Kevin Watts and Jordan Hunt

Special Teams:  Chance Miller


Scout Team: Yol Malwal and Erik Mims 

Offense Stats Week 9-McKinney Lions

Defense Stats Week 9-McKinney Lions

Listen Live !

Tonight's game is the Wylie Pirates vs. McKinney Lions @ WHS.  The kick off  is scheduled for 7:30.  It is Black Out Night-last Senior Home Game. Come out and cheer on those Pirates.  If you are unable to make it out, you can always LISTEN LIVE !

FBC Wylie Hall of Honor~Chuck Edge


JV Game Address UPDATE !

***The Pirate JV Games will be played at 1400 Wilson Creek Parkway, McKinney 75069  ***  McKinney High School  ***

Tom Thumb's Game of the Week~Wylie Pirates vs. McKinney Lions

Tom Thumb’s Game of the Week is Wylie Pirates vs. McKinney Lions @ Wylie.   This game is going to be an exciting one as both teams are going to be pulling out all the stops to get that “W.”   McKinney is 1-4 in District and 4-4 overall against Wylie’s standings 3-2 in District and 4-4 overall.  In our last 2 meetings with the Lions, the final score has been a difference of just 3 points.  The Pirates will be on their toes all night; they will fight for the full 48 minutes of the game.  We are coming out and we are playing “Pirate Football.”  This is “Black Out Night” so come cheer on those Wylie Pirates.  Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 !

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Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show~Week 9 McKinney

Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show~Week 9 McKinney Lions

Wylie Pirates vs. McKinney Lions

B&B THEATRE Top Plays of the Game-Week 8

Legacy Texas-Wylie Players of the Week


Offense: Eli Smith and Zuri Henry


Defense: Conner Callahan and Taylor Green


Special Teams: Kevin Watts and Waribi Jituboh


Scout Team:  Jimmy Oyewole and Caleb McCray

Offense Stats Week 8-Denton Guyer

Defense Stats Week 8-Denton Guyer

Listen Live !

Kick off is scheduled for 7:30 @ Collins Stadium in Denton. Come out support the Pirates! If you are unable to make the trip, you can always LISTEN LIVE !

FBC Wylie Hall of Honor~Bobby Click


Tom Thumb's Game of the Week~Wylie Pirates @ Denton Guyer

Tom Thumb’s Game of the Week is your Wylie Pirates at Denton Guyer. Both of these teams enter the field 3-1 in District and are going to be fighting for their play-off spot.  They are each very good teams and this game will be a good measuring stick to see where we are versus where we need to be.  This will most likely be a very physical game.  The Pirates need to come out and get the little things done; Defense needs to do a great job tackling and limit any Wildcat big plays.  The Offense needs to keep getting 1st downs and making our way to the end zone.  Come cheer on the Wylie Pirates tonight at Collins Stadium in Denton.  Kickoff is scheduled to be at 7:30.

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Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show~Week 8 Denton Guyer

9 Life Lessons That Playing Football Teaches Quarterbacks. By Doug Samuels

There’s a reason why a large number of those who lead Fortune 500 companies and become CEO’s are former quarterbacks.  After taking snaps, quarterbacks have been instilled with a number of life lessons that serve as an advantage for them in the real world. Without even realizing it, many quarterback’s coaches are teaching each and every one of these things to their guys, little by little, throughout the course of the year.

1 –  No one cares about the obstacles you face, just get the job done  At the end of the day, or the end of the game, no one really cares about the adversity you had to face, the only thing that really mattered is whether you got the job done or not. Have a big deadline to hit, but don’t feel the best? Well your superiors at work aren’t going to care; they just want the finished product to be able to pass along to their bosses. Jam your finger and bruise some ribs on the last drive of the game with the team depending on you? It sounds harsh, but no one really cares at the end of the day. Just produce. If you don’t someone else at the office, or on the field will be waiting in the wings (see #9).

2 – The importance of delivering when everyone expects it, and all eyes are fixated on you
the quarterback position is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to learn quickly how to produce while being the focal point of every eye in the stands. You’ll be dealt a ton of praise, a hefty dose of criticism (some warranted, while much of it is not), and a number of other things along the way. Guys who learn to deal with all of that, with all eyes on them from the stands and the huddle, are prepared for the real world.

3 – Having a team of individuals depend on you to make the right decisions AND execute the quarterback position has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Not only are all eyes fixated on them, but they’ve also got to process information at breakneck speed. Just making the right decision as a signal caller isn’t enough, you also have to execute.

4 – The importance of communication
whether you’re in the huddle or communicating the play from the line of scrimmage you can’t whisper and expect everyone to know what the call is. The same goes in the real world, communication is key, and speaking clearly so everyone knows what they’re supposed to do is just as important as speaking loud enough for all to hear.

5 – How to keep your composure when adversity strikes just like in games (and practice), in life, adversity is bound to come knocking on your door. As a quarterback, it’s important not only that you stay composed for the sake of the rest of the guys you take the field with, but it’s also important that you keep your teammates level headed as well. That will serve you well in the workforce.
6 – The importance in being “a thermostat, and not a thermometer.” What’s the difference you’re probably asking yourself? Well a thermometer adjusts based on the temperature in the room, while the thermostat actually sets the temperature in the room. It should be easy to see why quarterbacks need to be thermostats. Once they hit the real world and don’t feed into the office negativity rumor mill, they’ll understand why this was as important as a player.

7 – It doesn’t have to be pretty to get the job done.
An end-over-end pass into the end zone to a waiting receiver is still worth as much as if that ball were a tight spiral. Oftentimes it doesn’t have to be pretty; it just has to get the job done.

8 – The ability to improvise will always come in handy
the same way that Improv is handy when the pocket breaks down, having improvisational skills in the real world will only benefit you. That moment you have a presentation in front of your bosses and the projector doesn’t seem to want to work, scrambling for your life while keeping your eyes down field on game day will come in handy and you’ll be more prepared to make things work.

9 – Whether you’re the starter or third-string, you prepare like you’re going to take snaps on game day
Legends are made among elite quarterbacks because of the way they approach their craft as backups. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and a host of other guys were once backups before being thrust into the starting role, and what separated them from the rest of backups thrust into the QB1 role is how they prepared for that opportunity. Guys that understand that will do great in the real world, because regardless of their position in the company, or in life, they’ll always be gunning for that promotion and next step.


2016 Pre-Order Black Out Shirt

Wylie @ Denton Guyer

B&B THEATRE Top Plays of the Game-Week 7

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