Wylie Pirates vs. Plano East

B&B Theatre ~Top Plays Week 3

Woodbridge Post Game Show ~ Week 3

Legacy Texas-Wylie Players of the Week


Offense: Steven Sellers and David Addo


Defense:  Kevin Watts and Jordan Hunt


Special Team:  Nick Griffin and Michael Bronte


Scout Team Offense: Jimmy Oyewole and Nathan James Scout Defense

Offensive Stats - Week 3 Lake Highlands

Defense Stats Week 3 Lake Highlands

Listen Live !

Tonight, the Wylie Pirates take on the Lake Highlands Wildcats @ Wildcat-Ram Stadium.  Kick off is scheduled for 7:30.  If you are unable to make it to the game, you can always LISTEN LIVE !

FBC-Wylie Hall of Honor ~ Doug Gollahon


Tom Thumb's Game of the Week - Wylie vs. Lake Highlands

Tonight's showdown will be between Wylie Pirates and the Lake Highlands Wildcats.  Both teams come into their 3rd game with records of  0-2 and will be pulling all the stops to come out with a "W" in order to not go into District with an 0-3 record.  Let's get'em boys, let's tame some cats !

Woodbridge Golf - Highlights Week 3 Hebron


Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show - Week 3 Lake Highlands

Wylie Pirates vs. Lake Highlands

Football Ticket Sales this week

Wednesday–Thursday Field House #602   

8:15 am -11:30am & 12:30 pm -4:45 pm


·        8:15 am–1:35 pm               Field House #602             

·        8:00 am–noon                   Beth Smith WISD Athletic Office @ Wylie Stadium

·        12:45 pm–1:35 pm            Kristy Hunt & Amy David @ lunch-WHS Front Office

Adults $5     Students $3     Cash or check made out to WISD Athletics

All tickets @ the gate are $6.00

Directions to the Stadium 

AHMO          AHMO          AHMO          AHMO          AHMO          AHMO

9~24~16 Save the DATE

Mentor Dinner @ First Baptist Church of Wylie. The service starts at 6 PM and will be followed by a message and dinner at the event center. This dinner is open to all Wylie High School and not just football. 

Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show

B&B Theatre~ Top Plays Week 2

~ Labor Day ~

Practice MONDAY September 4th

Varsity Meetings @ 8:00

JV practice @ 8:00

Woodbridge Post-Game Show ~ Week 2

Legacy Texas-Wylie Players of the Week


Offense: Donovan Ollie and Emilio Ames


Defense: Isaac Sayles and Chris Shaw


Special Teams:  Nick Griffin and Chance Miller


Scout Team:  Defense-Andrew Carter and Offense-Jack Morrison

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Listen Live

Hebron Hawks @ Wylie Pirates ~ Kick off @ 7:30.  If you can't make it out to the game, LISTEN  LIVE. 

Tom Thumb's Game of the Week - Hebron @ Wylie

The Tom Thumb Game of the Week is Hebron Hawks @ Wylie Pirates.  Both teams ended up with an upset from their 1st Pre-Season games with Wylie falling to McKinney North 37-34 and Hebron's loss to Plano 38-7.  This game is promising to be exciting as each team will be fighting for the "W."

FBC WYLIE Hall of Honor ~ Craig Paschal


Craig Paschal ~ Wylie High School Class of 1981

    A few years back I was working in a homeless shelter which houses mostly Native Americans in Cortez, Colorado.  A Mountain-Ute named Monty Coyote asked me, “Where are you from?”

    I said, “Mancos,” which is eighteen miles from Cortez.  Monty Coyote said, “No, where are you from?”  I replied, “Well, my mom and dad grew up in Kansas.”

    Monty Coyote said, “No, you don’t understand me. This is where I’m from. This is the land and the people I grew up with. My father, my mother, and my grandparents have always been from here. Where are you from?”

    After thinking for a little while I said, “Well, I’m from Wylie, Texas. Specifically, from a time and place from 1974 to 1981. Wylie is the place that shaped and formed me. That’s where I’m from.”

    “It’s good to be from somewhere,” replied Monty Coyote.

    I have fond memories of growing up in Wylie and will always carry within me a part of that place, time, and especially the spirit of the people I grew up with in Wylie.  In high school I played football and basketball and was fortunate to play on some good teams. Those playing days led to a full scholarship to play football at West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M). I always thought college would be bigger and better in sports, but it was not. I learned in college that the kinship I experienced at Wylie is what made playing worthwhile. I am forever thankful for that community.

    After graduating from West Texas I wandered around to different jobs and places looking for something. Not surprisingly I ended up teaching secondary English (thank you Coach Terry) and coaching high school football (thank you Coach Shaffer) in a small Northwest Colorado town about the size of Wylie in 1980 but my new home town was a little bit colder in the winter and the people did not have southern drawls.

    When I became the head football coach, I did not know what to do so I tried to do everything exactly like we did at Wylie. We ran the Houston Veer  and the 4-3 defense with tough and pinch stunts. We ran the same punt and punt return plays. Everything was the same. After a few years we even broke the huddle with “AHMO.” In 1995 and 1996 we made it to the Colorado 2A State Championship game. 

    We lost both championship games which was certainly disappointing but the friendships and memories the team and the community shared along the way will always be special. To this day I enjoy getting that occasional phone call from a former player or student who just wants to check up and see how things are going.

    After teaching and coaching for many years I left education to become a United Methodist minister. I now use a different vocabulary than I did as a coach (thank God for that) but in many ways I’m still developing and sharing the same values that I believe many coaches, teachers, and community members modeled for me as a young person growing up in Wylie. I am still part of a community that nurtures relationships and gets upset with one another and learns to forgive and move forward. I am very thankful for the people and the place where I grew up. Where I am from (Wylie, Texas 1974-1981) and all it represents is still where I live in Mancos, Colorado, 2015.

Craig Paschal,  October 1, 2015

Family information: I am married to Jennifer Paschal who is a teacher and we have two kids. Our daughter Andie loves art and attends Hastings College in Nebraska and our son Ro loves to run and will probably wander around as much as he runs.

2016 Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show - Week 2 Hebron

Woodbridge Golf ~ Big Plays-Week 1

B&B Theatres~Highlights Video - Week 1

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