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Summer Camps

As high school players hits camps across the country this month, Urban Meyer had a message for campers about high school football.

Two weeks ago, Nick Saban railed that football was the only sport left where the high school coach still matters and he wanted to keep it that way in the face of satellite camps. Meyer’s message to campers: It’s fine to do camps and get exposure, but what matters most is what you do in high school and what your coach says about you.

“Why don’t you bust your ass for your high school team? Why don’t you become captain?” Meyer said in a video posted by Bucknuts 247. “I’m involved in all this recruiting. ‘Do I have to go to this camp?’ No. I’ve got a better idea. Go become your high school coach’s best player, so when our staff goes to the high school, guess what the high school coach tells us? The same thing I said (to the NFL) about Zeke Elliott, about Bosa, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, Darron Lee, Vonn Bell, Mike Thomas, Braxton Miller: ‘Take them. They’re the real deal. They’re teachers’ players. You can count on them.’ 

For some reason, this recruiting thing is blowing up. ‘I have to go to this 7-on-7, do this, do this.’ I’ve got a better idea. Go become a great high school football player on your team. When (we) walk in that high school, guess what that high school coach says? ‘Take him.’ You know what we do at Ohio State when he says that? We usually take him. I don’t care what you do at those other camps. I want to hear your high school coach say, ‘Take him.’ If I have relationship with that high school coach like I do with these NFL coaches, guess what happens? We take him. 

“Don’t worry about (all the camps). That’s all fun stuff, that’s great. But that’s not why Ohio State recruits you. I can speak for the majority of my friends that coach football. That means nothing. What means something is the recommendation of the high school football coach. Go become a captain. If you’re a captain of your high school team and you’re talented enough, you’ve got a great chance of being here. If you’re very talented and you’re not a captain, I’m going to find out why, because something’s not right.”

Camps are opportunities for coaches to get a direct look at a player. Satellite camps or not, every coach values the on-campus camp. 

But Meyer had the same message for parents who ask about the exponential increase in camps.

“I have parents ask all the time, ‘Should I send him to that camp?’ Sure, if you have 80 bucks to blow, go ahead,” Meyer said. “Here’s where you start: Go make your high school coach so proud of you that he’s going to tell the college coach, ‘Take him.’ How cool is that? It’s real simple. Don’t complicate things. 

“Our college players ask all the time, ‘I want to play in the NFL some day.’ Great. Become a great player. Become a selfless player. Incredible discipline doing stuff right all the time. And when it gets tough, you be the guy we can count on. See what happens then. Then we get to go to Chicago or New York, and in the first round, the New York Jets select Darron Lee, and you see the mom crying, and he goes up there with Roger Goodell as a first-round draft pick because he did what we asked him to do.”

Article written by Chris Vannini with Coachingsearch.com

Building Men, One Brick at a Time

Who is ready for some AHMO football?  Let's get this season kicked off ~ Come to the August Brick Builder's Meeting Monday, August 1st @ 6:30 in the IMPAC Classroom.  There is lots to be done !

Freshman Football Camp

Have you registered your Freshman for the Freshman Camp ?

Student Parking & ID Info

SAVE the DATE 7/29/16

6/7/16 7on7

Building Men, One Brick at a Time !

The Monthly Brick Builder Meeting will be Monday June 6th @ 6:30 in the IMPAC Classroom.  Come find out about the 2016-17 Football Season.  The WPABC will meet at 7:30.

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Performance Course 2016

2016 Incoming FRESHMEN

You will not want to miss this !

Freshmen Orientation Camp

Pirate Baseball Regional Semi Finals

Wylie HS vs. Whitehouse HS

Game 1 = Thursday 5/26 7:30pm at Jesuit HS Baseball Field

Game 2 = Friday 5/27 7:30pm at Mike Carter Baseball Field (Tyler TX)

Game 3 (If Needed)= Saturday 5/28 6:00pm at Copeland Baseball Field (Mesquite TX)

5/27/16 7on7 Tournament

Spring Game

The SPRING GAME  is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, MAY 25th @ 5:30.

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Wylie's All-Time Records & Results

Spring 2016 FCS Round Up

Spring Football 2016

The calendar might say MAY, but I say "Who's ready for some Football?"  Check out some Spring Ball pix.

SAVE THE DATE ~ Spring Game is May 26th 

** Practice Update **

Tuesday,  5-10-16,  Weights @ 8:45 and AFTERNOON PRACTICE 


What are YOU Doing this SUMMER ?

2nd Annual AHMO Car Show

WHS Athletic Physical May 4th

All students must complete a new athletic packet online dated after May 1, 2016. The website is http://wylieisd.rankonesport.com  A copy of the athletic physical is attached and must be completed on paper by a physician.


Building Men, One Brick @ a Time !

Tonight is the Monthly Brick Builder Meeting @ 6:30 in the CAFETERIA @ WHS.

The WPABC will meet @ 7:30 in the IMPAC Classroom.

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Unstoppable Challenge

7 on 7

7 on 7 will compete Wednesday 4/27 @ Sachse High School (3901 Mile Road, Sachse, TX 75048)  Be there @ 5:00.

WHS is the Best          WHS is the Best          WHS is the Best          WHS is the Best

A HUGE Success

Thank You to all involved for making the Mentor Breakfast a HUGE Success.  Thank You, Wylie Police Department, for all you do to make Wylie a great place to call home !

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