ViewPoint Bank Players of the Game - Week 8





Wylie vs. Denison 

Offense:  Castin Neumeyer and Alex Wesley




Defense:  Israel Acuay and Ramiro Gomez













Special Teams:  Michael Kloza and Kameron Kelly















Friday Night's Photos










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Statistical Summary - Offense vs. Denison










Carsen Cook 17 30 208 3 1
RUSHING Att Yds TD    
Tristen Clark 13 71 0    
Carsen Cook 7 37 0    
Romello Keck 2 1 0    
Alex Wesley 1 9 0    
Alex Wesley 12 152 2    
Kameron Kelly 3 32 1    
Ja'Kweylon Oliver 1 13 0    
Jordan Whaley 1 11 0    































Statistical Summary - Defense vs. Denison










D Line Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
D Rockwell 6 4 2              
M Johnson 1 1                
R Beattie 2 2           1    
Inside LB's Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
J Hicks 13 10 3 1            
D Hughes 11 9 2 3            
Outside LB's Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
I Acuay 8 6 2 3         1  
M Kloza 5 3 2       1      
Secondary Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
E Harris 10 9 1              
R Gomez 8 1 7             1
E Bailey 1 1                
J Brown 1 1                







Tkls=Tackles     Hur=Hurries on QB       Ast=Assists    PBU=Pass Break Up  TFL=Tackle For Loss     Int=Interception   S=Sacks      CF=Caused Fumble   FR=Fumble Recovery








Wylie vs. Denison Scoring Summary















First Quarter
W TD 11:15 Alex Wesley 22-yard pass from Carsen Cook (Christian Salas kick) (7-0)
Second Quarter
W TD 11:21 Kameron Kelly 3-yard pass from Carsen Cook (Christian Salas kick) (14-0)
D TD 7:56 Devon Blanton 3-yard run (Wade Walters kick) (14-7)
D TD 2:51 Denard Whitfield 4-yard run (pass failed) (14-13)
D SF 1:56 safety, penalty in end zone (14-15)
D TD 0:56 Jaleel Dade 28-yard pass from Devon Blanton (David Sauceda kick) (14-22)
W TD 0:44 Kameron Kelly 90-yard kickoff return (Christian Salas kick) (21-22)
Third Quarter
W TD 1:58 Alex Wesley 79-yard pass from Carsen Cook (pass failed) (27-22)
Fourth Quarter
D TD 11:55 Devon Blanton 13-yard run (pass failed) (27-28)
D TD 3:38 Devon Blanton 7-yard run (David Sauceda kick) (27-35)

District 13-4A Game Results and Standings - Week 8

Wylie 27   Denison 35

Royse City 14  Wylie East 53

Greenville 7  McKinney North 45

Lovejoy 35  Sherman  21



District 13-4A W L W L
Denison 5 3 4 1
Wylie East 5 3 4 1
Lucas Lovejoy 5 3 3 2
McKinney North 4 4 3 2
Wylie 4 4 3 2
Sherman 3 5 2 3
Royse City 1 7 1 4
Greenville 0 8 0 5






Pirate Football Fan Caravan

















The Varsity Football Team would like to encourage all Pirate Football Families and fans to come out to the game in Denison on Friday, October 25, 2013 and cheer them on as they try to claim the district lead and make the playoffs.  

We need ALL PIRATE FANS including freshman football parents, JV football parents, band parents, cheer parents and pacesetter parents to SHOW UP AND STAY FOR THE ENTIRE GAME!!!

It is going to be a big week, and the team is going to need everyone to come out and support them.

In addition to showing up to support the crowd, we need to drown out the noise on the visitor’s section.   If you do not know this, the Denison students and band sit on the visitor’s side in Munson Stadium.  Therefore, we need to show up and drown the noise that will be planted on the visitor’s side.   We need to make our presence known - AHMO will not be deterred or drowned out!!!

With that, let’s hit the road together.   It is an hour and a half drive up 75 to Denison.



 Click HERE to share flyer






First Baptist Wylie Hall of Honor Profile - Scott Phillips





















Scott Phillips, 2005 Inductee, has led a life pursuing all of his dreams.  He is the only Hall of Honor member who has served in the military as a Navy SEAL and is a minister of the Gospel.

Scott played football, basketball and track while at Wylie High School.  Lettering in football three years, he racked up a few honors.  As a junior and senior, he was team captain and 1st team All-District middle linebacker.  Both years, he was named Defensive player of the year. His senior year, Scott was awarded 1st team All-State honors.   One of his most memorable games was his senior year as he and his teammates battled together against Southlake Carroll in the 3A Area Finals Play-off game.  The Pirates were Bi-District champs beating Mabank 24-0.  Southlake Carroll became the Area champs with their 27-12 win against Wylie.

After graduating in 1988, Scott walked on and was given a scholarship to attend Southern Methodist University.  He then attended a couple of other colleges, before enlisting in the U.S. Navy to become a Navy SEAL.  He served in the military a total of nine years and traveled to California, Georgia, Hawaii and was deployed to Korea.  After his tour of duty, he became a Naval Reserve and served from 2004-2007.

In 2007, Phillips felt called to full-time ministry and applied for the Children’s Pastor position that was open at First Baptist Wylie.  He has served in that capacity the last six years.  This month, he transitioned into a new position as Connections Pastor.

Remaining an ardent sportsman, Scott is an avid biker, firearms instructor, sports fan and martial artist. 













Scott and his high school sweetheart, Lori (WHS ’89), have been married 19 years.  Lori (Caskey) was “Pete the Pirate” when she was in school.  They have four sons -  Gus (18), who attends Collin College and will transfer to Texas Tech in the fall; Barrett, a sophomore at WHS; Grayson, a 6th grader at Harrison; and Gage, a 4th grader at Smith Elementary.

His words of wisdom to Pirate athletes, “Keep playing your chosen sport for as long as you can, at whatever level you can…..regardless if you are a starter or not, keep at it…don’t quit…play until you can’t play anymore.”  To all Pirates, “Pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on you and no matter what never, ever quit!”



Albertsons Market Game of the Week - Wylie vs. Denison













After a sweet victory over McKinney North on Friday night, the Pirates will travel north this week to Denison.  This is a crucial game, with both teams 4-3 for the season and 3-1 district.  They will battle for the district lead at Munson Stadium beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Last year the Pirates had a big win against Denison at home, defeating them 33-50.  The win put Wylie in the play-off race.

Denison has shown to be a formidable opponent with substantial wins this season, beating Wylie East (46-47) and Sherman (42-24), who are both tough district contenders.  Last week’s game against Lovejoy was tied 42-all with over 2 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.  Lovejoy broke the tie then ended the game with another touchdown, but Denison showed their strength with the running game as they racked up 490 yards, including more than 100 yards from three different players.  Colton Henslee led with 194 yards, Quarterback Denard Whitfield had 158 yards and Devon Blanton 130 yards.  The three combined for six Yellowjacket touchdowns.  A familiar name on their defense is linebacker Jacob Hunt, who previously played for Wylie and moved this year.   

Coach Howard believes that if the Pirates can play solid defense and keep the offense on the field, they will have the advantage.  “Denison lives by the blitz, so we expect them to blitz a lot.  Their defense has given up some points this season though, so we’re going to try exploit some things they do on defense.  We can’t let them grind down the field and keep our offense off the field”, said Howard.

The Pirates need a solid fan base this Friday night, so the Pirate Football Caravan will leave Wylie Stadium at 5:00 p.m.  Bring your AHMO spirit and join the team in Denison for what should be a very exciting game.     



Dickey's BBQ Coach's Show - Week 8
















Friday Night's Photos









See all of Friday Night's Photos in the Photo Gallery




AHMO Football This Week

This is a BIG week for the Pirates as they battle Denison for the District Lead.  We are calling on all Pirate fans to come up to Denison and support the Pirates!!!  We need all the Pirate fans' support on Friday Night. Here are the happenings for the week....

Thursday, October 24

5:30pm  Freshmen White at Denison-Munson Stadium

7:00pm  Freshmen Maroon at Denison - Munson Stadium

5:30pm  JV vs. Denison at Wylie Stadium

Friday, October 25

5:00pm  Pirate Football Caravan leaves Wylie Stadium

7:30pm  Varsity at Denison - Munson Stadium




B&B Theatre Wylie Big Play of the Game




Congratulations to Tristen Clark on the BIG PLAY OF THE GAME



Video Highlights - Wylie vs. McKinney North






ViewPoint Bank Players of the Game - Week 7




Wylie vs. McKinney North

Offense:  Carsen Cook and Alex Wesley











Defense:  Ja'Vareyea Hicks and Romiro Gomez










Special Teams:  Devon Hughes and Grant Scott
















District 13-4A Standings


District 13-4A W L W L
Denison 4 3 3 1
Wylie 4 3 3 1
Wylie East 4 3 3 1
Lucas Lovejoy 4 3 2 2
McKinney North 3 4 2 2
Sherman 3 4 2 2
Royse City 1 6 1 3
Greenville 0 7 0 4



















Woodbridge Golf Club Postgame Show











Statistical Summary - Offense vs. McKinney North

Carsen Cook 19 37 255 3 0
RUSHING Att Yds TD    
Alex Wesley 5 61 1    
Carsen Cook 8 54 0    
Tristen Clark 7 38 1    
Dontae Slay 4 29 0    
Romello Keck 5 12 0    
Kevin Tran 7 7 0    
Kameron Kelly 1 -1 0    
Kameron Kelly 4 109 1    
Alex Wesley 8 61 1    
Jordan Whaley 3 50 1    
Darius Carter 1 16 0    
Kevin Tran 1 12 0    
Dylan Riley 1 11 0    
Dontae Slay 1 -4 0    














































Statistical Summary - Defense vs. McKinney North

D Line Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
D Rockwell 10 4 6 1 1         1
M Johnson 8 5 3           1  
R Beattie 9 6 3   1          
Inside LB's Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
J Hicks 12 9 3 2     1      
D Hughes 11 5 6              
Outside LB's Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
I Acuay 6 5 1 4 2 1        
M Kloza 9 8 1 2 2          
Secondary Total Tkls Ast TFL S Hur PBU Int. CF FR
E Harris 3 3         1      
R Gomez 7 3 4       2   1  
E Bailey 4 3 1              
J Brown 3 3   1     1      

















Tkls=Tackles Hur=Hurries on QB
Ast=Assists PBU=Pass Break Up
TFL=Tackle For Loss Int=Interception
S=Sacks CF=Caused Fumble
  FR=Fumble Recovery








Wylie vs McKinney North Scoring Summary

First Quarter
TD   8:44 Jordan Whaley 15-yard pass from Carsen Cook (Christian Salas kick) (0-7)
MN TD 5:16 Ronald Jones 22-yard run (Raul DelaRosa kick) (7-7)
MN FG 0:00 Raul DelaRosa 23-yard field goal (10-7)
Second Quarter
W TD 11:15 Alex Wesley 44-yard run (Christian Salas kick) (10-14)
MN TD 10:09 Ronald Jones 71-yard run (Raul DelaRosa kick) (17-14)
MN TD 3:13 Kervin Parks 55-yard pass from Ben Dutze (Raul DelaRosa kick) (24-14)
W TD 2:52 Kameron Kelly 47-yard pass from Carsen Cook (Christian Salas kick) (24-21)
Third Quarter
W TD 9:50 Alex Wesley 21-yard pass from Carsen Cook (Christian Salas kick) (24-28)
W TD 6:38 Tristen Clark 17-yard run (Christian Salas kick) (24-35)
W FG 1:17 Christian Salas 25-yard field goal (24-38)

District 13-4A Game Results - Week 7

Wylie 38, McKinney North 24

Lovejoy 56, Denison 42

Wylie East 48, Greenville 6

Sherman 41, Royse City 17



AHMO Homecoming Tailgate















First Baptist Wylie Hall of Honor Profile - 2013 Inductees




The Wylie Sports Hall of Honor will have their annual Induction ceremony and luncheon, Friday, October 18 at 12:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Events Center in Wylie.

Three Pirates are being inducted this year - 1986 graduate Preston Nix, 1992 graduate Brenna O'Dell Patton, and 1984 graduate Aron Saffell. 










Preston Nix

Preston Nix excelled in football during his time at Wylie High School.  He was a member of the varsity team starting his sophomore year and lettered at center.  During his junior and senior years, he played offensive tackle and defensive end.  Both years, he received All-District offense and defense honors.   As a senior, he was named among the Top 50 Metroplex players and the Top 100 in the state.   With his success came many full scholarship offers, which included Baylor and TCU.  He chose to continue the family history of playing at TCU, where his older brothers Scotty and W.C. had played.  Nix graduated from TCU in 1990. 

Preston currently resides in Heath, TX with his wife, Beth, and their six children.  He is the President of Sales for Sprayfoam Polymers.  Nix has volunteered in his community the last 12 years, coaching youth football.  He is the co-founder of the youth football organization, HHCA.  He currently serves on the board of HHCA and the Rockwall YMCA.








Brenna O'Dell Patton

Brenna O'Dell Patton participated in three different sports during her time at Wylie High.  She played basketball and ran cross country and track.  In basketball, Brenna received All-District and All-Region honors.  She delivered state performances all four years in the 400m and 800m and during her junior year captured the state title in the 400m.  She was also a member of the Elite Track Club and earned finishing spots in the 400m, 800m and 4x400m relay at the TAC National Junior Olympics in the summers 1991 and 1992.

Attending University of Texas at Arlington on a full track and field scholarship, Brenna helped to lead the team to two Women’s SLC Track and Field Indoor Championships.  She currently ranks in the top five at UTA in the following: second fastest time in the 600 at 1:26, the top 3,200 relay time and the third-fastest 1,600-meter relay at 3:48.  In 2005, she was named to the UTA Hall of Honor as a member of the 1995 Women’s Track Team.

Brenna is the Director of Sales Promotion for an international company in Arlington. She travels the world delivering motivational messages to others.   Her passion includes serving in a leadership role at her church and being an encouraging wife to her husband and step-daughter.   










Aron Saffell

As a freshman, Aron Saffell earned a spot on the varsity baseball team.  A year later, as a sophomore, he made the varsity football team, who finished the season as Quarter-finalist.  In the spring, his Pirate varsity baseball team was semi-finalist in the State Tournament.  As a junior, he received 1st team All-District honors playing half-back having rushed for 930 yds. on 149 carries.  In baseball, the Pirates were Quarter-finalist and Saffell was named 1st team All-District Pitcher.  As a senior, he was again awarded All-District honors as 1st team Half-back and Punter.  In baseball, the Pirates were Regional finalist and he again was 1st team All-District Pitcher.  He finished his high school baseball career having never lost a district game as pitcher.

Aron has worked with the Garland Fire Department since 1985 and been a Registered Nurse since 1993.  He married his high school sweetheart, Kelly Fambro (WHS ’87) in 1989 and they have two beautiful daughters, Morgan, a freshman at Sam Houston State and Cory, a sophomore at Van Alstyne High School.



Senior Pirate is National Merit Scholar

Wylie East and Wylie High School recently announced those students who achieved scholar recognition based on scores they earned on last year’s Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).  The standardized test, cosponsored by The College Board, provides first-hand practice for the SAT and gives students access to scholarship programs.

Senior Pirate defensive back and receiver Alonso Edwards was awarded Outstanding Participant by the National Achievement Scholarship Program which acknowledges top performing black students.   He plans to attend either the University of Texas at Austin or Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to study Engineering.  Alonso is the son of Vielka Edwards of Wylie.



Albertsons Market Game of the Week - Wylie vs. McKinney North










This is Homecoming week at Wylie High School.  The Pirates will battle the McKinney North Bulldogs at Wylie Stadium on Friday night.  Both teams are looking for a win, as they are tied in district at 2-1 and 3-3 for the season.

McKinney North is showing to be a very different team this season.  Coach Mike Fecci has added two new coordinators and three other assistants to their solid program.    Last week the Bulldogs enjoyed a 48-45 victory over the Lovejoy Leopards.  Junior running back Ronald Jones, who has rushed for over 1100 yards and 20 touchdowns already this season, had six touchdowns against the Leopards.  McKinney North made their mark on the ground against Lovejoy for the win.

Last year when the teams met, the Pirates prevailed with a 35-20 win over the Bulldogs, who were the home team. That win put Wylie in the Play-offs.   

As the Pirates ready for this match, Coach Howard said, “Both of us need to win, as it is important in the race.  Their quarterback and running back are both very talented.  We will need to slow down their running game.  Good teams don’t give up big plays.  Our defense has to play like Wylie Pirate defenses are known to play.”

Along with all the Homecoming festivities, the Pirates will recognize Cancer Awareness month.  Both teams will don pink socks donated by Rosa's Cafe and wristbands to show their support.   After the 1st quarter, the Pirate Football Program will make a special presentation to honor those who have battled this disease.   In show of support, Pirate fans are encouraged to wear PINK.  Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. at Wylie Stadium.



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