FBW Hall of Honor~Wally Watkins


Black-Out Shirt Design Contest

Pirate Locker Room Interview~ Captain Chance Miller

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Pre-Game Ticket Sales

Pirate Locker Room Interview~Captain Jordan Hunt

B&B THEATRE Top Plays of the Game~Lake Highlands

1977 Championship Team 40 Year Celebration

Woodbridge Golf Club Post-Game Show~Lake Highlands

Offense Stats vs Lake Highlands

Defense Stats vs Lake Highlands

Legacy Texas Players of the Week~Lake Highlands

Offense: Zuri Henry      and   Kingsford Quaye

Defense: Kevin Watts     and    Chris Shaw

Special teams: AJ Hernandez and Dilan Strickhausen

Offense Great Effort:      and   Defense Great Effort:
Donovan Ollie               
         Andrew Williams
JV Scout Team: Mykal Ford and Chandler McMullin

Listen LIVE !

Wylie Pirates vs Lake Highlands Wildcats 9/15/17 ~ Kick off is scheduled for 7:30 at Wylie Stadium.  If you are unable to make it to the game, you can always LISTEN LIVE !

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FBW Hall of Honor~James Cross


Pirate Locker Room Interview~Donovan Ollie

Tom Thumb Game of the Week~Lake Highlands

The Tom Thumb Game of the week is Wylie Pirates vs. Lake Highlands Wildcats.  The Pirates are 0-2 in non-conference play coming into the game.  Pirates are hungry for a win and will hit the field to take care of business.  The Wildcats are 2-0 in non-conference play and should not come to Wylie expecting to walk away with a "W".
Friday we will be honoring our Senior Football Players and Trainers.  AHMO !

Ready for some Football?

Dickey's BBQ Coaches Show~Week 3

Wylie vs. Lake Highlands

B&B Theatre Top Plays of the Game~Hebron

Legacy Texas Players of the Week~Hebron

 Special Teams: Kevin Watts and Kevin Duran 

Offense: Andrew Nwachukwu and Luke Whitworth


Defense:  Chris Shaw and Jeff Fordjour

Offense Great Effort-David Addo  and  Defense Great Effort-Jordan Hunt

Scout Team Offense: Cade Prier  and Scout Team Defense: Zach Borders
~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~

Defense Stats vs Hebron

Offense Stats vs Hebron

Game Day ! Listen LIVE !

Kick off is schedule for 7:30..If you can't make it to the game, you can LISTEN LIVE

FBW Hall of Honor~Coach Jerry Shaffer



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