Information on the SAT


Information for taking the ACT



ACADEMICS IS YOUR  #1 PRIORITY -  Give the same importance to academics as athletics.

COLLEGE LISTS  -  Begin to develop a list of colleges you are interested in.  Consider each level: NCAA Division I, II and III, and the NAIA.

SUMMER CAMPS - Check with your coach as to what summer programs might be available to you.



ACADEMICS IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY -  Keep working hard. Consider taking the PLAN (preliminary ACT) or PSAT (preliminary SAT).  The higher your grades and test scores, the better your chances for obtaining college financial assistance.

GUIDANCE COUNSELORS AND COACHES - Talk with your guidance counselor and coach about your interest in pursuing your sport in college. Ask them for feedback. 

SUMMER CAMPS -  Check with your coach as to what summer programs might be available to you and which you should attend.

RECRUITING - You can submit questionnaries on the athletic websites of the colleges you are interested in.  You may then be placed on their athletic department mailing lists.  At this point, phone calls are not allowed. If you have begun to see some success at your high school level, you can write letters of introduction to the schools.  When appropriate, you can provide updates to the colleges that have contacted you. 

COLLEGE VISITS -  Try to visit at least three colleges in the summer that you are interested in with your family to see if it they are a "fit" for you size wise, etc. 



ACADEMICS IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY - Plan to take the ACT or SAT during the FALL.  The better your grades and test scores, the greater chance you have for college financial assistance.


SUMMER CAMPS -  Check with your coach as to what camps you should attend to help showcase your talent.

RECRUITING - Handwritten communication by college coaches is permitted during your Junior year. Phone calls are allowed between April 15 and May 31, then none until September 1; Prepare a highlights reel of competition footage that showcases your strengths. 

COLLEGE VISITS - Target those schools that you are interested in and that have expressed an interest in you. In most cases, these visits will be “unofficial” in nature. That means you and your family pay the expenses. A college may invite you to attend a game. The school may provide complimentary tickets, but nothing else. It’s still an “unofficial” visit.



ACADEMICS – STILL YOUR #1 PRIORITY. Keep working hard.  You're not done yet!  Take the SAT or ACT again if you need to improve your score. Update your status with the NCAA Eligibility Center. Remember high grades and test scores only benefit you!

RECRUITING - College coaches can now call regularly, usually a maximum of one time per week. There are dead periods, quiet periods, and evaluation periods that can alter this routine.Remember: You can call coaches as often as you like. Of course, you only want to call coaches at the programs where there seems to be a potential “fit”. 

COLLEGE VISITS - You and your family should only be visiting schools where there is substantial mutual interest. You may begin to receive offers for “official” visits (where the school picks up the tab). If you receive such an offer, that’s a strong indication of interest on the part of that school. If you don’t receive offers for “official” visits, don’t worry. Many non-revenue sports don’t have the budgets to justify “official” visits. You’re allowed a maximum of five “official” visits, so choose carefully. Accept only those from schools that meet your academic and athletic criteria.


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